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After years of disinvestment and a lack of proper planning, our current public school system is not up to par, and as a result, our students are suffering. Investing in public education is critical for the future of our city.

William is committed to ensuring that our public schools have the resources they need to provide every child, regardless of zip code, with access to the best education possible.

If elected, William will:

  • Increase access to early childhood education opportunities and expand after-school programs, which can make a tremendous difference in a child’s future success and help working parents.

  • Invest in our schooling facilities to ensure all students access high-quality, sustainable buildings, safe learning environments, clean grounds, and healthy air and water quality.

  • Push to modernize our classrooms, investing in new technologies to help our kids learn while ensuring our teachers have all the resources they need to provide the best education possible. 

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