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Climate Justice

Climate change poses a significant threat to every community in our city. We have already seen countless examples of its devastating effects, and in order to prevent further issues, we must take immediate action to protect our environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

William is committed to working towards policies that prioritize renewable energy development, investing in green infrastructure projects, and fighting to reduce carbon emissions.

If elected, William will:

  • Take a community-based approach to fighting environmental injustices by building diverse coalitions and partnerships to do the work hand-in-hand with residents, communities, and advocates. 

  • Fight for greener, environmentally sustainable development across our city by pushing for a thoughtful planning process that prioritizes climate resiliency and leverages development to deliver on things like greener buildings and more open space.

  • Work to encourage businesses to reduce emissions by implementing a fair and effective carbon pricing mechanism, which will incentivize companies to adopt cleaner technologies and practices while generating funds that can be reinvested into environmental initiatives.

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