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Public transportation is a critical part of any city’s infrastructure, and Boston is no exception, yet for years we have witnessed the almost total collapse of our current transit system. In addition to its unreliability, many of the communities across District 6 have little to no access to public transit at all. 

William is committed to working with the state and MBTA to ensure that our public transportation system is safe, reliable, and accessible to all.

If elected, William will:

  • Push for a comprehensive plan for public transportation that does not simply focus on temporary fixes to the system, as is currently done, but prioritizes long-term goals to both repairs what is broken and invest for the future.

  • Ensure that there is an actual robust community process when it comes to implementing new infrastructure projects, such as the new bike lanes on Centre Street where many residents felt their voices were not heard. 

  • Explore ways to lower the cost of public transportation, focusing on seniors, students, and other income-restricted residents. 

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